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About Me February 5, 2009



I like to consider myself as the female Jack of all trades. I have always had a passion in Arts and Crafts. I have many endeavors in my life. I am always seeking for new hobbies to get into and have a deep passion for traveling.

I have always been involved with school and my community. My experiences have given me the ability to be a great leader for my family and community.

I have been featured at Your Focus!

Join us for the party! We will have sexual health information, plenty of chances to win awesome prizes, information about our new and upcoming items, a welcoming place to ask your sex questions that your mother never answered for you, and discounts exclusive to party guests.

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2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Dahira Says:

    For some reason the .net website isnt’ being found. Any takes on it?

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