Wicked Pleasures

This blog is devoted to enhancing the relationships and lives of couples, males, and females across the U.S. and Canada. Adult Content.

Contact Me May 18, 2009

Have a question, comment, concern? Or maybe you have a deal that no one can refuse and you know others would like to hear about it? If so, feel free to contact me. I love to hear from my readers!

If you would like to submit information for consideration, would like to advertise your product/business and/or have it reviewed, would like to host a giveaway or offer my reader’s a discount, please e-mail details and images, if applicable, to CVargasGonzalez@gmail.com.

I Do Those Parties…

Se Habla Español

Carline Vargas-Gonzalez
Passion Parties® Independent Consultant
O.o°•Making the world a better place one Orgasm at a time•°o.O

Phone 347-739-0158
Email: CVargasGonzalez@gmail.com
Shop online at http://www.WickedPleasures.net


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