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I DON’T Want To Swallow February 13, 2011

While reading and catching up on some of my great Cosmo articles today I came across this one article “I don’t want to swallow”, http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/advice/i-dont-want-to-swallow.

While these are all great tips here are my product recommendations to send your partner to the moon from www.WickedPleasures.net:

  • RT Sensual Warming Lubricant – Wetter is Better! That has always been my motto. This water-soluble formula won’t strain sheets or clothing. Condom compatible, and vagina friendly. You can even put it between your breast like the article suggests. This lube enhances intimacy and arousal, and adds a pleasurable warm sensation in addition to your own body heat!
  • Tasty Tease – Comes in Peppermint and Strawberry. Can be used anywhere on the body, encourages enthusiastic oral sex, and masks unpleasant tastes.
  • D’Lickious – Comes in Mint, Cinnamon, and Strawberry. Tastes exceptionally good, highly pleasurable sensations, and helps overcome hesitations about oral sex.
  • Fireworks – Comes in Cinnamon, Strawberry and Watermelon. Not enough flavors order our sampler pack which holds ten different flavors. Tasty flavors can provide an endless supply of combination and tastes; you’ll never get bored. Sensation of heat when giver blows on the product creates surprisingly stimulating experience, and masks the taste of semen, or salty body tastes for more pleasurable experience.
  • Gigi or Gigi Glow-in-the-Dark – This is our top-selling, lifelike pleasure sleeve. Modeled after the real vagina, extremely stretchy to accommodate men of all sizes. It warms to the touch and quickly becomes as warm as a soft as the real thing. Ribbing generates amazing sensations, and gives a woman a way to participate if she is not prepared to have sex or she is not a fan of swallowing; maintains intimacy between couples. It features a slight strawberry scent.
  • Mimi -Similar to Gigi but much softer to the touch. Can be for solo fun or couples play. Can be used to assist while performing oral sex or manual stimulation, super soft and flexible. Has an advanced design and warms quickly and offers lifelike sensations.

Place your order today at WickedPleasures.net and get 15% off online. Redeem Code: WP74052.


[Source: Cosmopolitan.com and WickedPleasures.net]


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