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How Fighting Affects You July 3, 2009

The verdict is in: Constantly arguing with your spouse hurts your health – but spat here or there can actually help you in the end.

By: Caitlin Moscatello from The Nest


  • Heart Problems

Get this: Bottling up feelings can put you at a greater risk for heart disease, according to a Psychosomatic Medicine report. In fact, a study at the University of Utah found that the wrong arguing style could be just as deadly as smoking or high cholesterol. Yikes!

  • Yeast Infections

Yucky but true: Stress from arguing with your spouse can totally mess with your body’s pH and bacteria levels. The result is an itchy overgrowth of yeast that’ll have you running for some Monistat.

  • Breakouts

As you argue, your body heats up, causing your sweat glands to open and produce, you guessed it, sweat. This is why you look pale and moist after a fight (um, hot). Eczema and light rashes are less common, but they do happen to some gals.

  • Nasty Colds

Stress and hormone levels rise much more in women than men during a fight, which takes a major toll on your immune system. Not only are you more likely to feel tired and achy, but you can also get full-blown sick – hence the fever and runny nose after your last big argument!


  • Heavy Breathing

An increased flow of oxygen can cause you to breathe quicker and louder as your lungs, nostrils and throat open up. This type of breathing can lead to dizzy spells, especially as you endorphins kick in and your blood pressure increases.

  • Sleep Woes

After a big, killer fight, you’re exhausted as the rush of adrenaline subsides. And the flip side: A spat that’s left unresolved can lead to anxiety and insomnia.

  • Poor Judgment

Bad timing much? As you go deeper into an argument, our normal way of reasoning gets flipped upside down and you become more susceptible to primitive responses like yelling, kicking, screaming – the works. This is why you slam the door or your spouse gets so loud that your dog freaks out and hides under the coffee table.

  • Stomach Troubles

It’s gross, but fighting can actually make your bowels move faster, which gives your body less time to absorb water. The result: a not-so-sexy case of diarrhea. So much for that make-up sex!


  • Balding

Stressing out over a fight can cause your hair to thin and may actually contribute to long-term baldness (eek!), especially if your arguments are making you freak out on a regular basis.

  • Grinding Teeth

As you suppress your frustration (yup, guys do it too!), you tighten your jaw and facial muscles, which causes your teeth to press up against each other. This can lead to crazy headaches and major wear-and-tear on your (pricey) dental work.

  • Hyperactivity

The rush of adrenaline that comes with the fight-or-flight response (think: sorta like the cavemen) can make you feel antsy and on edge, causing you to pace around the room and fiddle with all the change in your pocket.

  • Impotence

Listen up, guys: Fighting a lot with your wife can totally stress you out, and negative arguing (like the times she calls you an arrogant d-bag) doesn’t exactly help your self-esteem. Yep, we know – who would’ve guessed that (wink)! The combo is way more than enough to take the air out of your, er, tire.

[Source: The Nest, Article Written by: Caitlin Moscatello]