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I DON’T Want To Swallow February 13, 2011

While reading and catching up on some of my great Cosmo articles today I came across this one article “I don’t want to swallow”, http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/advice/i-dont-want-to-swallow.

While these are all great tips here are my product recommendations to send your partner to the moon from www.WickedPleasures.net:

  • RT Sensual Warming Lubricant – Wetter is Better! That has always been my motto. This water-soluble formula won’t strain sheets or clothing. Condom compatible, and vagina friendly. You can even put it between your breast like the article suggests. This lube enhances intimacy and arousal, and adds a pleasurable warm sensation in addition to your own body heat!
  • Tasty Tease – Comes in Peppermint and Strawberry. Can be used anywhere on the body, encourages enthusiastic oral sex, and masks unpleasant tastes.
  • D’Lickious – Comes in Mint, Cinnamon, and Strawberry. Tastes exceptionally good, highly pleasurable sensations, and helps overcome hesitations about oral sex.
  • Fireworks – Comes in Cinnamon, Strawberry and Watermelon. Not enough flavors order our sampler pack which holds ten different flavors. Tasty flavors can provide an endless supply of combination and tastes; you’ll never get bored. Sensation of heat when giver blows on the product creates surprisingly stimulating experience, and masks the taste of semen, or salty body tastes for more pleasurable experience.
  • Gigi or Gigi Glow-in-the-Dark – This is our top-selling, lifelike pleasure sleeve. Modeled after the real vagina, extremely stretchy to accommodate men of all sizes. It warms to the touch and quickly becomes as warm as a soft as the real thing. Ribbing generates amazing sensations, and gives a woman a way to participate if she is not prepared to have sex or she is not a fan of swallowing; maintains intimacy between couples. It features a slight strawberry scent.
  • Mimi -Similar to Gigi but much softer to the touch. Can be for solo fun or couples play. Can be used to assist while performing oral sex or manual stimulation, super soft and flexible. Has an advanced design and warms quickly and offers lifelike sensations.

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[Source: Cosmopolitan.com and WickedPleasures.net]


Every Passion Diva Knows That April 7, 2010

Every Passion Diva Knows That.

1. Sex is good for you.
2. Soul mates are made, not born.
3. Even if you’re a “good girl,” you get to have great sex!
4. If you take responsibility for your pleasure, your pleasure will pay you back.
5. Being sexy is in how you feel, not how you look.
6. You need all five senses to make sex great.
7. For sex at night, foreplay starts in the morning.
8. Your most important sex organ is your brain.
9. Your most important sex toy is your tongue (and we’re talking about talking!).
10. If you want great sex, bring the right woman to the bedroom.


Four Christmases: Dividing the Holidays December 3, 2009

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Growing up, your family probably had very well-honed holiday traditions. Maybe you opened up presents on Christmas Eve before heading to Midnight Mass, and Christmas Day was spent visiting your extended family members or eating a huge meal and relaxing in your PJs. Now that you’re married, your extended family just grew exponentially. Chances are, your spouse arrived with some holiday traditions of his or her own, and a family that doesn’t think those traditions will be broken just because the two of you have formed your own familial unit.

So how do you split up the holidays, keep some old traditions alive, and form some new ones of your own without stepping on any toes? To find the answer, we turned to the experts: Nesties who have successfully merged traditions and divided the holidays — without majorly offending any in-laws!

“This is very difficult topic with some parents; no one wants traditions to change. But being married things have to change at times, and traditions either have to be adjusted or new ones created. We tell the family whose holiday we will not be attending that we will be going to my husband’s family this time, and the next one we will go to yours. Many times they don’t like it, but honestly it doesn’t matter, it’s my husband and my decision how we do it.

For us we keep it simple, one holiday per family. I would start switching on/off between families and switch for all holidays.” – riderpunk

“We do Thanksgiving with one family, Christmas with the other.” –Dr.Loretta

“I like structure and tradition. We finally broke down and told our families that Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve will always be my husband’s family, and Christmas Day and Easter will always be with my fam. I refuse to squeeze both families in the same day — it makes for a stressful and busy holiday.” – BSSnCEB

“We alternate cities and families. You will never make everyone happy — so set your own priorities.” – Shoshie

“You’re never going to make everyone happy. It gets more complicated when you have kids, so start setting expectations and boundaries now. We don’t travel for every holiday, so there are times when we just don’t see them on the holiday.” –wendilea

Tell your family ‘Hey, [spouse’s name] and I have been talking about Christmas. We really want to focus on quality time with everyone, and as such, we’ve decided to do ____.’ And acknowledge the feelings that come with change: ‘we realize this may not be ideal, but it’s what we feel will work best for us. We wish we could be 2 places at once, but we can’t. It’s going to be a change for everyone, and we totally understand if you’re upset by this. We just hope, though, that you can understand that we have to find a compromise in this.’” –EastCoastBride

“We decided what we were going to do for the holidays when we got married, and the rest of the family just rolls with it. It wasn’t a discussion; it’s our marriage and we had to decide how to handle it.” –uncannycanuck

How do you divide up the holidays? Share in the comments!

Lauren Le Vine

[Source: TheNest.com]


Sex and Chemistry August 14, 2009

There are many substances that dull our senses and make it harder for us to achieve orgasms. Alcohol may relax you and your inhibitions, but it also dries up your mucous membranes, decreasing your natural vaginal lubricant. (Marijuana and over-the-counter cold medications can have the same effect.) So if you think you’re going to be knocking boots, limit yourself to one or two drinks, if any. Half a glass of red wine is all it takes to raise your testosterone levels, enhancing sex. Another way to help your sex life is to quit smoking. Tobacco constricts blood circulation and may lower your testosterone. Studies have shown that smoking may increase impotence by as much as fifty percent – can interfere with a woman’s ability to achieve an orgasm.

For some people, antidepressants can cause decreased libido, reduced sensation and lubrication, difficulty achieving orgasms. Extra lubrication can help – as will patience. You may need to stay on antidepressants for a short time to help you get through a bad time; controlling your depression may outweigh the sexual side effects, and your body may adjust to your medication. However, do talk to your doctor. It could be that a different medication will interact differently with your body chemistry.

The other side of the coin is that depression itself can cause a lack of libido, and some studies have shown that depressed people are more likely to engage in unsafe sex. Treating your depression with therapy and medication may allow you to work on the self-esteem issues that are so crucial to a great sex life and fabulous, satisfying orgasm.


Rev Up the Fantasy Engine August 12, 2009

Are your fantasies feeling tired and lifeless? Do what artists do when they need to “prime the pump”? Open yourself to all possible sources of inspiration. Read erotica, and imagine yourself as one of (or all) of the characters. Scan the photo layouts in adult magazines. Check out the Letters to Penthouse book series. Thumb through sex advice books. Rent erotic movies. When you see a handsome stranger, make up a daydream involving them.

Got a tried-and-true fantasy? Why not arouse yourself in a new way by writing it down, elaborating, and embellishing as you see fit? (You may end up having to type with one hand.) Learn more about your fantasy style from books like In the Garden of Desire by Wendy Maltz and Suzie Boss, or Jack Morin’s The Erotic Mind.

It pays to keep your erotic imagination humming: Researchers have found that some women, especially ones who are already easily orgasmic, can climax through fantasies or dreams alone. And a study in the Journal of Sex Research found that for some people, fantasies make the difference between achieving an orgasm or not. But if you find you don’t need fantasies to enjoy sex, that’s perfectly okay. Fantasizing isn’t a requirement for sexual ecstasy, but it can be a lot of good, clean fun.

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