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Ho-Ho-Holiday Season is HERE! September 28, 2010

‘Tis the Season

I am very excited about this holiday season and all the great goodies that Passion Parties has to offer. We have many freebies with purchases, new holiday items, and many great holiday collections for the holiday gift giving season.


Starting Now – September 29, midnight PDT (September 30, 3am EST)

Book a party: Pick a date between the months of October to December and hostesses will get FREE shipping on their Passion Party order, in addition to your hostess rewards according to your party sales.

Have been thinking about starting a part-time business on the side for extra income? Look no further! Now is the perfect time… I am always looking for men and women interested in the business to join my team. Serious inquiries only.

Start your business for as little at $179 (value of $500) or upgrade for $249 (value of $925). If you join the business within these 29 hours you will also get Holiday Simply Sensual Collection FREE (value of $77) as a Thank You from Passion Parties.

BUT wait… It get’s better. I will also pay for your shipping cost ($25-$35 savings!) That’s not all… I will close the deal with a plate of cookies and milk: A FREE business starter kit which includes: 250 business cards, 25 magnets, stamp, and car door magnet.

Passion Parties wants to give you an added, mistletoe kiss, Join Passion Parties® this Holiday Season and you could:

Win an Apple® iPad™

Here’s how: Become a qualified Passion Consultant™* in October, November or December and you’re automatically entered in the sweepstakes.

*Must be sponsored and place a qualifying order within the same calendar month to be eligible. New Consultants who sign up during the Holiday Launch Spectacular (on September 28-29) must qualify by October 31, 2010 to be included in the first drawing. iPassion Sweepstakes qualification ends December 31, 2010. Apple® and iPad™ are trademarks of Apple, Inc.

So you ask what’s next?

  • Do your research
US Flag

Username: passionate
password: aboutmyfuture

Canadian Flag

Username: passionate
password: aboutmysucces

  • Choose your kit
  • Get your Credit Card out and ready (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • Contact me to Sign up before midnight September 29!

Carline Vargas-Gonzalez

347-739-0158 (Call/Text)

Passion Parties® Independent Consultant, #0074052

Find me on…
FaceBook Fan Page, PassionDivaCarline
FaceBook Group, Wicked Pleasures
Twitter, @SraGonzalez


Cyber Monday Sale November 30, 2009

Happy Cyber Monday… 12pm – 11:59pm SALE

The following items are on sales:


When you place your order online the discounted items will not be shown. When your order is received you will receive and email receipt with the new total cost via email from me.

Happy Cyber Shopping!

Carline Vargas-Gonzalez


Phthalates and Sex Toys July 15, 2009

What are Phthalates?

Phthalates are chemicals (called plasticizers) that are used in plastics to make them soft and pliable. These chemicals are used in a variety of products that we use every day including coatings for pharmaceutical medicines, medical devices, building materials, personal care products, cosmetics, packaging materials, printing inks and food wraps and packaging. In fact, most people use products that contain phthalates throughout their day, every day.

Phthalates in Sex Toys

Like other products, sex toys get their softness and pliability from phthalates. Some of the products that Passion Parties carries contain phthalates. These products include those made of jelly rubber, PVC and soft vinyl. The amount of phthalates varies with each material and some materials contain only trace amounts.

Are Phthalates Harmful?

There has been much debate as to whether phthalates are harmful and whether or not consumers should use sex toys that contain phthalates. This debate lead to the only government sponsored clinical study designed to research the question of whether sex toys that contain phthalates are safe to use. The study found no conclusive scientific evidence that phthalates are harmful or pose any significant health risks. Conducted by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the data showed that moderate to heavy use (up to one hour per day) is not associated  with any significant health risk. Most consumers do not use these products for seven hours or more per week.

Passion Parties Recommends

Health and safety are very important issues for Passion Parties, our Consultants and our clients. We recommend that each user evaluate the available information and make an informed decision as to which products meet their needs. We also recommend avoiding the use of oil-based lubricants with any sex toy that contains phthalates. Passion Parties does not carry any oil-based lubricants.

In cases where users wish to avoid any potential issues that may be associated with phthalates, Passion Parties recommends that consumers use condoms with sex toys. In addition to eliminating the transfer of phthalates, condoms also keep toys from trapping dirt and bacteria. However, using a condom does not eliminate the need for using a toy cleanser. Passion Parties recommends using a toy cleanser between each use.

Other Options

Passion Parties carries many products that do not contain phthalates.  If you wish to avoid phthalates altogether, we recommend products that are made from silicone, glass, hard plastic or elastomer. These products include:


Party Themes June 16, 2009

Passion Parties brings you Summer Lovin’

As the temperatures rise, so do your desires. Lounging outdoors in your barely-there attire while your lover takes notice of your exposed, radiant skin creates a summertime scene of sensuality that is bound to escalate your passion into a rush of romance that leaves you both breathless. Passion Parties products create the right mood for a hot encounter and a season of summer lovin’. Whether on vacation or staycation, our products are designed to keep summer filled with ecstasy and inspire the loving to last all year long.

Weeknight “Summer Fling” parties. With most people taking family vacations and camping on the weekends, I offer weekday Passion Parties. Even after work parties are great at the office or a weekday “quickie”. You can come right after work, it’s like happy hour!

Here are some of my weekday themes:

  • Margarita Monday – I will bring Margarita mix!
  • Massage Monday – I will give 5 minute massages!
  • Tropical Tuesdays – I will bring the lei’s or fruit!
  • Tranquility Tuesday – I will bring the music!
  • Wine & Cheese Wednesday – I’ll bring the cheese!
  • Wicked Wednesday – Bring your partner, I’ll bring the condoms!
  • Wonka Wednesday – I’ll bring the chocolate!
  • World Wednesdays – I’ll bring my favorite international dish!
  • Toga Thursday – I’ll bring the grapes!
  • Thirty Thursday – I’ll bring the cups!
  • Freaky Fridays – I’ll bring the Pure Satisfaction!

I offer themed parties to help take the guess work out for my hostesses. A few ideas for themed parties would be:

  • Pool/Beach/Luau/Tropical Paradise Party: Have a poolside party during the summer months. You can even turn these into a luau theme and I’ll bring lei’s for everyone. Get 10% off for waterproof toys.
  • Pajama/Lingerie/Slumber Party: Everyone shows up in their jammies or nighties… even me. I’ll bring the popcorn.
  • Bridal Shower: It is the Bridal Season. I have special incentive for the Bride-to-Be.
  • Spa/Massage Party: Make it a relaxing night for your guest and you. I feature the RomataTherapy products, give special hand treatments with our Salt Glow Body Scrub and feet treatments with the Tingling Tootsies. I fill the room with our Massage Candles and give my hostess a copy of some of our Intercourses Cookbook Recipes to prepare ahead of time. Make it a couples party and even have the Erotic Massage DVD playing. Make this evening all about relaxation and forgetting the crazy days of summer.
  • Ice Cream Social: To make it easier on you, tell each guest to bring a topping to make ice cream sundaes. This will make the snack preparation easier on you and the guest will make sure they show up with their topping. They don’t want to be responsible for the group not having whipped cream for their sundaes!!!
  • Mommy’s Day: 30 minutes demo for you to see, I only show products that are PG. Some products are Bath & Body, Body & Mood Enhancers, Lotions, Oils & Creams, and much more. Kids can attend this party. No toys will be demonstrated.
  • Cookout/BBQ/Potluck Party: I give my hostess a copy of some of our Intercourses Cookbook Recipes to prepare and/or give out to guest. Have guest bring a dish to share.
  • Christmas in July: Why not bring the holiday spirit right into summer? Hand red and green lights on the deck and decorate the trees with ornaments. Pipe in some Christmas music to set the mood! Hand out stockings filled with sensual summer goodies such has Slip ‘n Slide Lube, Nibble Nibblers, Passion Powder, Condoms, etc. I can work out great goody bags for a fee. You can even serve Christmas cookies and all the traditional Christmas fare.  Grill up some of our Intercourses Cookbook Recipes that I can give you copies of.
  • Mardi Gras/Mascaraed Party: Making it for couples and have guest dress up. Keep it mysterious for all the fun and games. Lets have a parade on Bourbon Street!
  • Hollywood/Night at the Oscars Party: Lets walk the red carpet as we are all dressed up as celebrities. Contest and great prizes will be given.
  • MasterCard Party: Breaking the heel of your stiletto, $49.99. Bringing a bottle of wine to a Passion Party, $12. 45 minutes bus ride, $2.50. Leaving with a big bag of goodies, $100. Having my way with him for a night: Pricesless. There are some things money can’t buy for everything else there’s MasterCard! Use your MasterCard and get 10% off.
  • Wedding Crashers: This is my twist of Tony and Tina’s Wedding. My assistant and I will dress up as your lovely bride and groom, and you and your guest are my wedding crashers. Let have a ballin’ good time and play pretend. Maybe there will be more than one couple having a honeymoon night!
  • Food & Wine Pairing: Set up a beautiful table in the shade.  Play relaxing music and serve good cheese and fruit to compliment your wine selection. I can recommend some dishes and wines that compliment each other. Encourage your guests to bring along their favorite vintage.
  • Exotic Dance/Pole Parties: Interested in pole dancing or lap dancing? I will play my Striptease for Real Women DVD and set up my Passion Parties Dance Pole for you and your guest to enjoy at the party. I will give you and your guest tips, techniques and routines to get you in the groove.
  • Sex and the City: Just like Carry, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha we will be talking about sex and having a good old girl time. Have your guest dress up like the stars in the hit TV series and create the tasty beverages which our stars enjoy on the show. Run a contest for the sexiest stilettos. This can also be a combo party: Sex’n Jewelry, read below.

I also offer combo parties, meaning twice the fun and double the rewards, with the following consultants:

  • Sex’n Jewelry Party: Teamed up with Stella & Dot you will see all the beautiful piece you can wear during your intimate moments. Do you think your partner would like for you to wear a sexy necklace that drapes between your breast and a pair of steaming hot stilettos, and only that? With our great products and services we will make sure that we accomplish the sex appeal you are seeking for!
  • Sexy Makeover Party: Teamed up with Mary Kay you’ll look and feel like the lover that you are. You will get pampered and made over with our products and services for any and every occasion. We have tips, techniques and recommendations with all your guest.
  • Lighted Evening Affair Party: Teamed up with PartyLite make it a romantical evening with the ladies or couples. Set up for a evening picinic under the stars. With soft lights and candles we will have every guest enjoying our products and services with a soft and sensual touch.
  • Beat the Heat: Teamed up with PartyLite we like to get things heated up and hot for you and your lover. Our products and services will have you steaming for more.

More coming soon, suggestions and ideas are more than welcomed! Thank you.


Link Exchange May 21, 2009

Seeking other sites/blogs in the similar industry to exchange links. Please contact me with your contact information and site information to review and make arrangements.