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Ho-Ho-Holiday Season is HERE! September 28, 2010

‘Tis the Season

I am very excited about this holiday season and all the great goodies that Passion Parties has to offer. We have many freebies with purchases, new holiday items, and many great holiday collections for the holiday gift giving season.


Starting Now – September 29, midnight PDT (September 30, 3am EST)

Book a party: Pick a date between the months of October to December and hostesses will get FREE shipping on their Passion Party order, in addition to your hostess rewards according to your party sales.

Have been thinking about starting a part-time business on the side for extra income? Look no further! Now is the perfect time… I am always looking for men and women interested in the business to join my team. Serious inquiries only.

Start your business for as little at $179 (value of $500) or upgrade for $249 (value of $925). If you join the business within these 29 hours you will also get Holiday Simply Sensual Collection FREE (value of $77) as a Thank You from Passion Parties.

BUT wait… It get’s better. I will also pay for your shipping cost ($25-$35 savings!) That’s not all… I will close the deal with a plate of cookies and milk: A FREE business starter kit which includes: 250 business cards, 25 magnets, stamp, and car door magnet.

Passion Parties wants to give you an added, mistletoe kiss, Join Passion Parties® this Holiday Season and you could:

Win an Apple® iPad™

Here’s how: Become a qualified Passion Consultant™* in October, November or December and you’re automatically entered in the sweepstakes.

*Must be sponsored and place a qualifying order within the same calendar month to be eligible. New Consultants who sign up during the Holiday Launch Spectacular (on September 28-29) must qualify by October 31, 2010 to be included in the first drawing. iPassion Sweepstakes qualification ends December 31, 2010. Apple® and iPad™ are trademarks of Apple, Inc.

So you ask what’s next?

  • Do your research
US Flag

Username: passionate
password: aboutmyfuture

Canadian Flag

Username: passionate
password: aboutmysucces

  • Choose your kit
  • Get your Credit Card out and ready (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • Contact me to Sign up before midnight September 29!

Carline Vargas-Gonzalez

347-739-0158 (Call/Text)

Passion Parties® Independent Consultant, #0074052

Find me on…
FaceBook Fan Page, PassionDivaCarline
FaceBook Group, Wicked Pleasures
Twitter, @SraGonzalez


Cyber Monday Sale November 30, 2009

Happy Cyber Monday… 12pm – 11:59pm SALE

The following items are on sales:


When you place your order online the discounted items will not be shown. When your order is received you will receive and email receipt with the new total cost via email from me.

Happy Cyber Shopping!

Carline Vargas-Gonzalez


Black Friday SALE! November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving… 4am – 1pm SALE

The following items are on sales:


Carline Vargas-Gonzalez


Phthalates and Sex Toys July 15, 2009

What are Phthalates?

Phthalates are chemicals (called plasticizers) that are used in plastics to make them soft and pliable. These chemicals are used in a variety of products that we use every day including coatings for pharmaceutical medicines, medical devices, building materials, personal care products, cosmetics, packaging materials, printing inks and food wraps and packaging. In fact, most people use products that contain phthalates throughout their day, every day.

Phthalates in Sex Toys

Like other products, sex toys get their softness and pliability from phthalates. Some of the products that Passion Parties carries contain phthalates. These products include those made of jelly rubber, PVC and soft vinyl. The amount of phthalates varies with each material and some materials contain only trace amounts.

Are Phthalates Harmful?

There has been much debate as to whether phthalates are harmful and whether or not consumers should use sex toys that contain phthalates. This debate lead to the only government sponsored clinical study designed to research the question of whether sex toys that contain phthalates are safe to use. The study found no conclusive scientific evidence that phthalates are harmful or pose any significant health risks. Conducted by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the data showed that moderate to heavy use (up to one hour per day) is not associated  with any significant health risk. Most consumers do not use these products for seven hours or more per week.

Passion Parties Recommends

Health and safety are very important issues for Passion Parties, our Consultants and our clients. We recommend that each user evaluate the available information and make an informed decision as to which products meet their needs. We also recommend avoiding the use of oil-based lubricants with any sex toy that contains phthalates. Passion Parties does not carry any oil-based lubricants.

In cases where users wish to avoid any potential issues that may be associated with phthalates, Passion Parties recommends that consumers use condoms with sex toys. In addition to eliminating the transfer of phthalates, condoms also keep toys from trapping dirt and bacteria. However, using a condom does not eliminate the need for using a toy cleanser. Passion Parties recommends using a toy cleanser between each use.

Other Options

Passion Parties carries many products that do not contain phthalates.  If you wish to avoid phthalates altogether, we recommend products that are made from silicone, glass, hard plastic or elastomer. These products include:


The Many Faces of Gigi July 2, 2009

Gigi is Passion Parties’ exclusively designed top-selling passion toy. It’s a super-stretchy masturbation sleeve that’s modeled after a real vagina. Gigi is fully reversible for easy cleaning and is lined internally with pleasure ribbing. Made of TPR which warms to the touch for a realistic experience for him.

So how can Gigi help your relationship? Listed below are the three most popular ways this top man’s toy can become a couple’s toy for the both of you.

  • The Menage a Trois

Gigi isn’t just for his solo fun – enjoy during oral sex on him. Make sure the sleeve is well lubricated and fits him properly. Continue to move the sleeve in slow and steady up-and-down motions until he’s ready to climax. Then pull Gigi up all the way over the erect penis, creating a vacuum effect, and his ejaculation will be “swallowed” by Gigi. This allows you to “go all the way” using Gigi.

First, start out lubricating Gigi and his shaft with a small amount of an edible lubricant like Embrace Sensual Lubricant.

Slowly slide the Gigi sleeve – fits as snugly as a vagina – onto his erect penis so that it completely rests against the base of his shaft, leaving the head exposed.

Keep this in mind – Gigi can also “swallow” for you. As he gets closer to climax, ensure that the head is completely engulfed by Gigi so your partner gets every last bit of necessary stimulation.

  • Gigi: Your Personal Bumper Guard

Another option is to use the Gigi sleeve as a buffer during vaginal or anal intercourse.

The first thing you do is cut Gigi to a desirable “buffer” size or bend over half way for desirable size. For example, if your partner’s penis is nine inches long from base to tip and you’re only comfortable accommodating six inches, cut the Gigi into a 3″ portion.

With lubricant, slide the mini-Gigi over his shaft so it rest at the base of his penis. You can then have sex as you normally would, and Gigi prevents the additional lenth of his penis from enter your vagina or anus. If a condom is worn, Gigi goes on after the condom. With this method, you can relax knowing he’s not penetrating too deeply and he still gets the full coverage experience.

Tip: For anal sex, use long lasting Slip ‘n Slide lubricant not just inside Gigi, but as your lubricant of choice for any type of anal penetration.

  • The other side of Gigi

Gigi is a great toy that can be used to simulate anal sex and it’s an experience both of you can share together. Gigi is very flexible and can be completely reversed. When in this inside out state, the opening on the opposite end is actually smaller and tighter, just like an anus. Make sure the inside, opening and his penis are well-lubricated, insert his shaft into the reversed Gigi and enjoy simulated anal sex.

So there you have it, three ways Gigi can enhance your relationship with your partner. It would be a great idea to have twins, that is, have two Gigis on hand for adventurous playtime. One for his personal, private use and one you can resize and use as a couple. Don’t forget the edible lubricant for oral sex and the silicone lubricant for anal play. And, as always, the Passion Parties Toy Cleanser for when playtime is over. Take good care of Gigi and she’ll take good care of you.

For another Gigi Review.

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Link Exchange May 21, 2009

Seeking other sites/blogs in the similar industry to exchange links. Please contact me with your contact information and site information to review and make arrangements.