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Phthalates and Sex Toys July 15, 2009

What are Phthalates?

Phthalates are chemicals (called plasticizers) that are used in plastics to make them soft and pliable. These chemicals are used in a variety of products that we use every day including coatings for pharmaceutical medicines, medical devices, building materials, personal care products, cosmetics, packaging materials, printing inks and food wraps and packaging. In fact, most people use products that contain phthalates throughout their day, every day.

Phthalates in Sex Toys

Like other products, sex toys get their softness and pliability from phthalates. Some of the products that Passion Parties carries contain phthalates. These products include those made of jelly rubber, PVC and soft vinyl. The amount of phthalates varies with each material and some materials contain only trace amounts.

Are Phthalates Harmful?

There has been much debate as to whether phthalates are harmful and whether or not consumers should use sex toys that contain phthalates. This debate lead to the only government sponsored clinical study designed to research the question of whether sex toys that contain phthalates are safe to use. The study found no conclusive scientific evidence that phthalates are harmful or pose any significant health risks. Conducted by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the data showed that moderate to heavy use (up to one hour per day) is not associated  with any significant health risk. Most consumers do not use these products for seven hours or more per week.

Passion Parties Recommends

Health and safety are very important issues for Passion Parties, our Consultants and our clients. We recommend that each user evaluate the available information and make an informed decision as to which products meet their needs. We also recommend avoiding the use of oil-based lubricants with any sex toy that contains phthalates. Passion Parties does not carry any oil-based lubricants.

In cases where users wish to avoid any potential issues that may be associated with phthalates, Passion Parties recommends that consumers use condoms with sex toys. In addition to eliminating the transfer of phthalates, condoms also keep toys from trapping dirt and bacteria. However, using a condom does not eliminate the need for using a toy cleanser. Passion Parties recommends using a toy cleanser between each use.

Other Options

Passion Parties carries many products that do not contain phthalates.  If you wish to avoid phthalates altogether, we recommend products that are made from silicone, glass, hard plastic or elastomer. These products include:


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